R. Thomson

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


“I bought a FeatherStream Propeller from you at the beginning of last year.  For a variety of reasons, I was not able to do the sea trials that summer – long story involving a broken shoulder.  Anyway.  I’m all fixed and we’ve now done the sea trials.  The information is attached.  We appear to be getting hull speed at around 2800 rpm.  We’d never normally run the engine that fast (noise, fuel consumption etc).  Our normal cruising rpm is around 1800, which gives a perfectly adequate 5 kts.”

 “I’m pleased you slightly over-propped us.  We’d much rather have the slightly lower rpms at cruising speed (of 5 or 6 knots) that this gives us.  It’s more civilized in terms of noise etc. We hadn’t actually noticed the higher thrust at tick-over rpm but it’s just right in our opinion for slow speed manoeuvring in harbours and anchorages.”

 So all-in-all we are very happy indeed with the prop and don’t see any need to make changes.” 

 “We are also extremely happy with the way you’ve handled the job and the help and support. It was a reasonably big decision to invest but more than worth it.”

 “We knew Darglow had a good reputation before we purchased, and our experience shows us why you’ve got that standing. If we ever change boats, we will be coming back to you if we need another prop.”

 Rival 34 3B FeatherStream

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