Sarah and Trevor

FeatherStream B-Hub 3B


“We purchased a FeatherStream prop for our Westerly Typhoon 37′ in July last year when we decided to replace our engine for a Beta 35. Our old combination was a second hand feathering prop on a Volvo 2003.”

 “The feathering prop was fantastic for sailing but due to a lack of engine power and an odd gear box ratio wasn’t great for motoring. Our old gearbox turned anticlockwise in reverse and the new one clockwise so that was our reason for replacing the prop. We decided on the FeatherStream which was recommended by our engine installer and was also a prop we had looked at in the past but at that time couldn’t justify fitting to our old wilting engine.”

 “Since fitting the new engine and prop we have travelled over a 1000nm. Whilst sailing we get light wind performance and when surfing down waves in heavier conditions there is little drag from the prop. Under engine we are now getting good cruising speeds of 6.5knots and when the sea state turns nasty we have the power and propulsion to make way at a reasonable speed.”

 “We are very happy with our new combination and have more confidence in the power and propulsion we now have to get us places, we are looking forward to putting them into lots more use in 2018. Sarah and Trevor”

 Westerly Typhoon 37 – 17” 3B FeatherStream

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