FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


Starlight 35 with FeatherStream Propeller

Please find below a summary of my experience with my FeatherStream prop.

I have been very pleased with the FeatherStream prop I bought in 2016. It was fitted to my Starlight 35 to replace the Maxprop which had also been supplied by Darglow, in 1996. I had been pleased with the Maxprop but it had become worn and beyond economical refurbishment, and the FeatherStream seemed to offer similar benefits with the added attractions of greater ease of pitch (re)setting, and stainless steel blades. It was also quite a lot less expensive which made it an easy decision to make!

Starlight 35 yacht with FeatherStream

After 4 seasons of light cruising the FeatherStream has lived up to expectations and displays no signs of wear. During that time the boat was re-engined necessitating a pitch change – this was simple to do with the cassette system though you have to remember there is a charge for any such change after any initial need for a change of pitch setting first installation.

I would also like to record that in my experience Darglow is a company which is a pleasure to deal with – even at their busy times I have always received a prompt and knowledgeable response to my enquiries and accurate delivery promises have been given and met.

Starlight 35 with FeatherStream 3 blade propeller

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