Steve Evans

3b FeatherStream

Bavaria 32 yacht

3-Blade FeatherStream Prop for Bavaria 32 Yacht

We bought our prop in 2021 and fitted it in 2022.

Before buying we got excellent advice from the very enthusiastic staff at Darglow.

The prop is a thing of beauty and it is engineered to the very highest of standards. We fitted it ourselves and despite not being experienced we did it without a hitch.

The prop has performed without any issues and added about half to a knot of speed. There is no prop noise when under sail.

We took it out of the water in Feb this year and it cleaned up beautifully. It has made reversing very easy and gives plenty of drive in forward gear. We would have no hesitation in recommending Darglow.

Bavaria 32 Yacht fitted with 3-blade FeatherStream prop

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