T. Vaughan

FeatherStream B-Hub 3B


“Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback on the new FeatherStream. I have waited for my boat to be lifted for the winter before responding.”

“I must say I have been delighted with the whole experience. Ordering was very easy, I first spoke to Chris at the 2014 Southampton Boat Show and he was very knowledgeable on the model and pitch settings that would be required for my boat. The propeller was duly made to order and arrived, superbly packaged, on the date specified.”

“Fitting was easy, the YouTube videos were especially helpful.”

“The improvement in sailing performance, across all wind conditions, has far exceeded my expectations. On average I estimate a 15 -10% improvement and have been able to continue under sail, rather than resort to the engine, on many occasions.”

“Under engine, I can’t say I noticed any change in performance (either forward or reverse) and the propeller has performed well in heavy weather when forced to drive the boat hard into the wind.  The only discernible difference is the sound the boat now makes under engine at low revs. The FeatherStream has a different sound to the previous fixed propeller and is noisier. This difference is not evident at mid to high revs.”

“On lifting out the boat, I found the feathering mechanism to be working very smoothly and whole thing has cleaned up very easily.”

Southerly 110 – 17” 3B FeatherStream

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