T. White

Flexofold 2B Shaft drive


“My HOD35 was fitted with a Flex-O-Fold from Darglow in June 2013; bit of a rush job because on lifting out “Comedy of Errors” for a pre-race scrub, the original (unknown) prop was found to be badly worn. A phone call to Darglow’s established that a replacement folding propeller, of the correct dimensions was held in stock. A return ferry and train trip from Cowes followed, and within 24 hrs a super shiny new prop was in situ.”

 “The Flex-O-fold runs very well and is silent in operation; no problems have ever been encountered with it and it has always folded and unfolded correctly. Easily forgotten about under the hull, which is exactly as it should be!”

HOD 35 – 16” 2B Flex-O-Fold propeller

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