FeatherStream B-Hub 4B

Classic/Bespoke Yacht

“The Puig Vela Regatta is ongoing and we have had one of our best race to date.

The feathering blade certainly make a big difference to sailing speed.” 

“The boat can be driven more frankly under power. 4 blades and the larger diameter certainly result in a more responsive thrust, even at low revs. Manoeuvres feels safer.”

 “Some cruising later this month’s will give us the opportunity to trial the jewel over long passages. We are very happy so far.”


 “Since the classic races in Barcelona we have covered about 600 nautical miles in mixed sailing, motor-sailing and pure motoring.

We generally aim at 5.5 knots motoring or motor-sailing speed, to get going (this is the Mediterranean!).”

 “In the past, we used to consider 4.0 l/h for passage planning or even 5.0 if adverse weather was on the cards. We used to run the engine between 1800 and 2400 RPM, with much cavitation audible at the upper end of the range or against head seas.”

 “My last engine log and soundings records indicate that the average fuel consumption was 2.5l/hours. With the new 4 blade propeller, I can factor in a higher sailing speed in light airs (less motoring) or compute my passage planning with 3.0l instead of 4.5 litres per hour of fuel consumption. Less fuel burnt on cavitation!”

 “When sailing, the target passage speed of 5.5 knots being more easily achievable. When motoring, the more efficient propulsive efficiency suggest that the endurance of the yacht considered for passage planning went from about 300nm to about 500nm. As a combined effect, this improvement certainly opens new horizons and gives us more options when considering re-fuelling calls.”

 “Nice surprise as well, I found that the barnacles are easily scraped from the stainless steel blades.”

 Valentin Bespoke Classic Sailing Yacht (St Christopher) – 20” 4 Blade FeatherStream

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