FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


Parker 31 yacht with FeatherStream Prop

My FeatherStream propeller has been a great success on my Parker 31, “Paragon”. This is an unusual and slightly awkward installation as the propeller is close to the underside of the hull and close behind the moulded in log. Additionally, the boat can dry out and was indeed kept in a drying mooring for a couple of years after fitting the new prop.

Vernon testimonial - FeatherStream on Parker 31

In service, there is noticeably less vibration under engine power than with the previous 2 blade prop (provided by Darglow when the boat was built in ‘91). I can now stop suddenly and even reverse, something the underwater configuration doesn’t encourage.

I changed the engine a year after fitting the new prop and a simple cassette change matched the propeller to the new, more powerful engine. The engineer’s prediction was spot on.

I was amazed when you traced the original folding propeller in your records!

Vernon PARKER 31 with FeatherStream Prop

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