W. Kool

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B

Pacific Seacraft

“So the prop is on and we took the boat for a spin……here are our observations as compared to the previous 3 blade 15” prop that was on there earlier:”

 Manoeuvrability in reverse very much improved

 “I am very pleased with the new prop!”


 “I am not actually too sure what the precise number of revs was at full throttle with the previous prop.  As far a speed is concerned I feel the boat is pushes at hull speed to we are at a maximum anyhow.  It is more a question if the engine has the right kind of resistance to burn the fuel cleanly/properly. If you say that a change in pitch would be immaterial we’ll leave it as is…”

 “With the 16” I feel there is much better ‘grip’ and better response and boat control. It’s a big difference.  With the previous prop I had difficulty pulling out of the birth as the boat (having the forefoot cutaway) would have the bow turn away in very unpredictable way.  With The new prop there is much more immediate pull, hence more acceleration and the boat comes out almost straight and with some rudder control which is a big deal!”

 “The sound change is not an issue and I can make good speed (although I find it difficult to measure as I do not have a working log – so I use my gps speed and estimate current to get speed through water) At around 2000 – 2200 Revs. We make cruising speed of a good 5kts and the engine runs well.  Sound is not an issue – just different.”

Dana 24 16” 3B FeatherStream

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