William. R. Roche

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


Eight years on, I still regard our 14” FeatherStream as one of the best purchases that we have made for our boat.  Displacing over 7 tons on a 25ft waterline combined with a long keel, we had very little stopping power astern with the fixed propeller and we had a choice of continuous shaft rumbling or much drag when sailing.”

 “With the 3-bladed FeatherStream, we sail in silence with no shaft rotation and, under engine, engaging reverse is like applying a handbrake!  Apart from routine greasing and anode changes, the propeller has required no work since being fitted.  The quality of the engineering was only matched by the excellence of the advice from Darglow prior to and after purchasing the propeller.”

Buchanan Sloop Fast Cruiser – 3 Blade FeatherStream

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