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Darglow has full workshop facilities at our Wareham headquarters for the repair of both fixed and low drag propellers.

Repair, fine-tuning or both!

We offer full in house repair services for damaged propellers. Propeller straightening, Welding, Blueprinting, Pitch checking, adjustment and balancing.

Most propellers are usually accepted for repair – whether a fixed prop or low drag prop, stainless steel, aluminium or bronze prop.

After the appropriate repair work or pitch adjustment has been completed, all propellers are hand-balanced prior to release.

• Power boats • Cruisers • Yachts • Race boats • Inflatables • Ribs • Pleasure boats • Fishing boats

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Max-Prop Reconditioning

Typically when a feathering propeller is very old or has been neglected or run without grease, wear can develop in the propeller in the form of loose blades and backlash. If wear is minimal then it is not usually worth doing anything about and will not cause any problems.  If however upon assessment wear is considered to be severe then the propeller can be reconditioned to almost as new condition adding many years to the life of the propeller! As well as dealing with wear, the propeller will routinely be cleaned, balanced and re-finished. We also have a large stock of spares where required.

Neglected and worn with around 5mm tip play

Neglected and worn with around 5mm tip play and backlash

Reconditioned with shim and weld to tighten play

Reconditioned with shim and weld to tighten play

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