Andrew Jagoe-Salter

4b FeatherStream

Malo 46

4-Blade featherStream Prop for Malo 46 Yacht

We struggled with our fixed blade prop so much so that we went to the Southampton International Boat Show in September 2021 to discuss various solutions.

We chose a 4 blade Darglow Feathering Propeller as it gave the best all round performance that we were looking for.

We gain a knot of speed when it feathers and now have good prop performance in forward and reverse which we did not have before.

We are ocean cruisers so needed the right solution in terms of improved speed when under sail and manoeuvrability when berthing. We have now started our circumnavigation and done several thousand miles with our new prop and very pleased we made the right choice.

Malo 46 fitted with 4-Blade FeatherStream propeller

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