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Spotlight – Bojar – 52 FT Flush Deck Cutter 1937

BOJAR was launched in 1937 as ‘Ilmen V’ and was one of the last classic yacht designs from the board of Johan Anker. She rates as a 10-Metre class and was originally built with similar dimensions to a F class that was designed to cruise and race with the metre classes. BOJAR has a slightly greater beam requested by her first owner Ludvig Swinndal in his quest for the perfect cruiser racer.

Johan Anker Bojar

A few years later she passed to Ragnvald Jacobsen who renamed her ‘BOJAR’ and owned her from 1941 to 1967. Jacobsen was also a talented helmsman, winning many regattas in the 5.5 and 6 Metre classes.

The Johan Anker Design Stable

Many of you will be aware that Johan Anker was known as an artist in yacht design – greatly concerned with the beauty of lines – BOJAR is one of those boats of such breathtaking and effortless beauty; she genuinely lifts the human spirit and perhaps defining the term ‘classic yacht’.

Johan Anker’s reputation is in part due to his incredible success in International Rule designs, his creation of the iconic Dragon One Design – and of all the famous designers of his era, he was arguably the best helmsman. Anker often watched the offerings of Messrs Fife and Mylne cross the finish line behind him – This “feel” for a boat helped him create some of the fastest and most beautiful designs of any period.

Watch the Ultimate Racer Cruiser

BOJAR – Featured Boat For Sale Video CLASSIC YACHT TV from Classic Yacht TV on Vimeo.

Construction & Finish

BOJAR was built by Anker & Jensen of Oslo, one of the most prestigious yards in Scandinavia using materials and applying craftsmanship of the very highest quality.

Johan Anker Bojar – Gallery

Racing Notes

BOJAR had a long sailing career in Norway before joining the Solent based fleet of classic yachts in 2012.

In Cowes she has participated in the annual Panerai Cowes and Classic Week regattas showing impressive form, which led to an invitation to the RYS Bicentenary in 2015. This event saw Bojar classic yacht racing against Stormy Weather, Dorade, Argyll And Tomahawk as well as 20 of the local English based classics including Cetawayo, Infanta, Opposition and Whooper.

Fleet and class racing at these regattas saw BOJAR achieve some impressive results against more modern designs both inshore and in the offshore conditions experienced in the Round the Island classic regatta races.

This racing programme has provided a spectacular series of photographs that evidence the success of the newly designed sail plans and IRC 0.973 rating optimisation without compromising the originality or integrity of the 1937 build.


Summary stats 2012 – 2018

2018 – 1st place in 8/14 ( 57%) races, 1st or 2nd places in 11/14 (84%) races

2012 to 2018 – 1st place in 13/48 (27%) races and in top 3 places in 25/48 (52%) races

Round the Island Classic Yacht races – First in class in RYS Bicentenary Regatta and three third places in the three Panerai RTI events held between 2012 and 2016.

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