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How do I make my FeatherStream propeller feather?

To get your Feathering Propeller to feather there are two methods of doing this depending on the gearbox you have.

If it is of mechanical type then you need to be motoring forward. Come down to tick over speed and then into neutral. Now switch off engine. If the shaft is still rotating, then engage reverse gear (with engine switched off) for a few seconds. This should stop the shaft rotating.

You can now check to confirm that the prop has feathered by putting the selector back into neutral again. If the prop has feathered, the shaft should now be still and not rotating.

If it is of hydraulic type then you need to be motoring forward, come down to tick over but still in forward gear and switch off the engine. This should cause the propeller to feather straight away and the shaft should remain stationary.

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