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Why are the FeatherStream propeller blades stainless steel?

There are a number of reasons why we use the combination of materials that we do. There are many advantages to having SS blade. It is even stronger and harder than the Nickel Aluminium Bronze that we use in the hubs (NAB2).

These means:

1. It can take more power and deal with impacts better without breaking teeth etc.

2. The bearing surface of the blades lasts longer. From our experience to date, we have found that SS blade Featherstreams in high wear applications (charter / school boats etc.) show minimal wear compared to all NAB2 propellers. So they last longer before coming up for reconditioning. We would anticipate 15-20 years of use in private ownership before the propeller would need any reconditioning work.

3. The blade section can be thinner for the same strength allowing a very strong and yet highly efficient blade.

4. There is less Bronze underwater. This is good especially on steel and aluminium hull boats where all bronze propellers lead to very rapid anode consumption, there is less bronze to protect so anodes are used more slowly.

5. The high polish achieved means that barnacles etc. find it hard to stay on – fouling is less.
With the Featherstream using a combination of stainless steel blades and a very hard Nickel Aluminium bronze hub we have a very long lasting bearing surface (longer wearing than traditional all bronze type).

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