D. Butcher

FeatherStream B-Hub 3B

Classic/Bespoke Yacht

“Choosing the right propeller for my boat “Lady of Hamford” was always going to be a difficult task as she is 1958 Buchanan designed all wood ocean racer weighing 11 tonnes. The propeller is positioned above the rudder and slightly off centre not ideal especially in reverse.”

“After nearly a year in the yard being refitted and updated we chose the FeatherStream propeller due to its beautiful engineering extremely seamless transition from forward to reverse and the fact it was made in the U.K.”

“Over the past six months it has driven us through 40 knot winds and steep seas to purring along the fairway in Chichester harbour.”

“Lady of hamford has been described by classic boat magazine as one of 33 of the most beautiful boats of the year and has been nominated as restoration of the year in the under 40′ class.”

“It is a great shame the propeller is under the water!”

39’ Buchannan Vashti Class Classic Yacht – 3B FeatherStream

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