D. Okey

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B

Van De Stadt

“To Whom it may concern”

 “If you only ever make one change to your boat – make sure it is to fit a “FEATHERSTREAM “propeller from DARGLOW.”

“In 2009 my 45 year old  EXCALIBUR class sloop was still fitted with the original fixed 3 blade propeller from new  – speed under engine was slow, and the drag when sailing was noticeable even when locking the shaft by engaging astern   – and docking on the pontoon finger berth port side too was nerve racking.”

 “After some extensive research and comparisons, I opted for the DARGLOW FEATHERSTREAM 3 bladed self-feathering propeller based on:

 “It is now 2016, and I have never for one moment regretted buying the FEATHERSTREAM – it has transformed the performance of the boat under power and sailing, adding over 1.5 knots to average cruising speeds, improved the close quarter handling of the boat particularly when berthing alongside and has proved to be totally reliable and trouble free with basic annual maintenance when ashore each spring.  

Compared to a new sail (or part contribution towards) the money spent on the FEATHERSTREAM has provided the most effective improvement in performance and handling that I could have made to the boat.”

 David Okey Van De Stadt Excalibur – 3B FeatherStream

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