D. Pearson

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


I have found that my maximum boat speed under motor has risen from 6.25-6.5kts to 7kts. I now realise that she was most probably over propped and unable to reach maximum rpm, whereas now she is working under a lot less load. On the few occasions that I have gone astern with the new prop, I have noticed that she responds far better under power which was an unexpected bonus.”

 “The real benefit is under sail! My old prop was very big for the size of boat, this was required to get in and out of the tidal estuary. One of the problems with the old prop was that it increased turbulence over the top half of the rudder blade which was reducing the rudder efficiency under sail. The problem has completely disappeared with the FeatherStream prop!!”

 With the new prop she can carry more canvas in gusty conditions with reduced ‘weather helm’ which is a real bonus when coastal sailing.”

 “I can see that I will never go back to a fixed bladed prop again!”

 Jaguar 27 FeatherStream propeller

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