D. Prior

FeatherStream Sail drive 3B


“The change in our boats performance is little short of staggering. Manoeuvring around the marina was a joy due to the grip the propeller has in forwards and reverse. Out on the river with a decent tide running and into a headwind we easily achieved 6 and bit knots with 2000 rpm and there was still headroom for more, going upstream was so good we bust the speed limit by a decent margin. The biggest improvement, if the foregoing wasn’t enough, was in sailing.

The boat has been transformed and we cant believe there’s no racket emanating from below with the engine off being caused by the previous propeller. I think our previous propeller morphed into a five a gallon bucket under sail. We saw significant speed improvements under sail, at least a couple of knots. 

“We are delighted with the FeatherStream, it does everything claimed, in fact I’d say it performs better and it’s beautifully engineered and worth every penny.”

 Bavaria 37 – 16″ 3B FeatherStream Propeller

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