Ivan Kirk

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


FeatherStream Propeller for Hanse 312

I purchased the FeatherStream propeller from the Southampton boat show in 2016, 3 months after I purchased my Hanse 312 (very rare centre plate and twin rudder version). Having the twin rudders and shallow draught close quarters, manoeuvres were interesting and the fixed blade propeller gave weak braking and slow reactions.

The Darglow team explained all the advantages clearly and answered my questions commenting that a feathering propeller seemed the answer in allowing accurate manoeuvres with more control and reliable braking with less drag when sailing.

Hanse 312 sailing yacht with FeatherStream

The propeller arrived and I fitted it easily when the boat was lifted for the winter. The next season was a revelation, increased speed for the same revs, feathering the propeller when sailing was like taking the handbrake off and close quarters manoeuvres were accurate and stress free. The bow bumper is consigned to the bow locker. Every lift the propeller is removed cleaned, polished, re-greased and re-fitted easily. Darglow supplying new anodes and other service items or advice as required.

3-blade FeatherStream prop on Hanse 312 yacht

From this experience I would highly recommend a feathering propeller for any sailing vessel as the advantages are obvious.

Ivan Kirk Hanse 312 ‘Tarim’ with FeatherStream 3B prop

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