M. Collings

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


“Before fitting a FeatherStream prop we had a fixed, two bladed prop which gave a lot of vibration and was not very efficient. We decided on a FeatherStream, partly having seen one on another Contessa 32 and partly through experience with having fitted a Max-Prop from Darglow on an Island Packet.”

 “The order was handled efficiently and the prop arrived when promised. We decided to lift the engine to remove the prop shaft (which turned out to be bent – very slightly) and have a new shaft made.”

“On fitting the prop, the key had not been made small enough and it made the prop stiff. Excellent telephone support from Darglow identified the problem quickly and with some judicious filing the key fitted and the prop worked.”

“We are delighted with the lack of vibration and increased efficiency and see half to a knot improvement in sailing speed and power when maneuvering under power.”

 Contessa 32 – 14” 3B FeatherStream

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