M. Howells

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


“Hi Nick…The sea trial.”

 “Marina maneuvering – Prop walk is hugely reduced (as you predicted). Previously starboard prop walk was very pronounced. There is still a slight walk – but it’s barely noticeable. Reversing into the berth after the trial did not require the normal large pre-turn to starboard

in anticipation of the prop-walk.”

“Subjectively, I’d say that engine RPM pick-up is a little slower than previously, but there’s not much in it and whether that equates to a delay in power coming on would be even harder to quantify as I suspect the prop is more efficient in reverse.”

 Motoring in open water – See the attached trial form (I’d suggest that the rogue speed at 1600 was down to us not waiting long enough for the speed to settle). 

The engine does not reach the same max RPM as before. The old prop would permit around 3100/3200 rpm whilst on Saturday we were maxed out at a tiny amount less than 3000rpm. There’s a definite spot at the top of the throttle action that produces no increase in revs which wasn’t there before. 

However, I didn’t sense any reduction in speed through the water (which was flat). I didn’t get the chance to try in any kind of swell/turbulence

Sailing performance – Oh my days!! … At the risk of sounding corny, Seaspray feels like a greyhound. Acceleration in gusts is noticeably better. I mean “really better”… We’ve made a few changes over the years and performance had increased steadily. This prop has made the single biggest increase of all the changes we’ve made. Whilst pointing high, the increase in boat speed approached an additional knot. And the silence was deafening (especially below) due to the absence of a spinning prop…!!

Beneteau Oceanis 351 with 3B FeatherStream

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