M. Legg

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


“I had been using a modern three blade fixed prop for a season after my venerable JF prop bought from Darglow just wore out from many seasons of use and I was apprehensive that the new prop would not be as quiet or smooth as the fixed.  Being a previous feathering prop owner I was of course used to the additional speed and pointing ability that comes with less drag but the FeatherStream has surpassed all my expectations, even that of my old JF prop when it was in its prime.”

 “It is very smooth, quiet and well balanced in forward or astern and the take up from neutral is imperceptible. I keep records of speed verses engine revs (with a clean bottom of course) and can report that  In forward drive the FeatherStream out performs the fixed 3 blade for thrust  and of course in astern  it’s very much better and makes my long keel LM27  more easy to handle in the marina.”

“Sailing performance is considerably enhanced and I get almost an extra knot over a fixed spinning prop with less slowing down on tacking, this is even more important if you don’t have a “performance” yacht as every little improvement makes much more difference to the overall enjoyment of sailing and motoring.”

 “I am very pleased with the propeller which came well packed with very clear fitting instructions. I was also very pleased with the generous part exchange deal on my old feathering prop.”

 “Thank you for your very helpful service and advice.”

LM27 Ocean Racer – 15” 3B FeatherStream

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