Mr. P

FeatherStream B-Hub 3B

Mevagissey Tosher

“Well, the 17″ 3B FeatherStream looked almost too good to put on. The instructions were easy to follow and just before launch last April it looked perfect. On entering the water, engine running and clear of the crane strops, I put it in gear.

There was about half a second delay then I was cutting clean water with the engine on idle. I took her for a run around Plymouth Sound. Under power I’d lost about 100 revs. This I was quite expecting as my last prop was a modern three bladed 17×10. A little over pitched for my beta engine. This was what I wanted ten years ago as I liked to tow an Otter Trawl in the bays around Plymouth.

I was more than pleased with the motoring side of things. The yacht is now rigged as a gaff cutter. Now the first time I put the sails up she really came in to her own. She’s more responsive goes about a knot faster and feels freer, less turbulence aft smoother wake, and points a little higher.

This propeller is very well engineered. I keep the yacht on a swing mooring and the prop will feather in 1 knot of tide.”

Mevagissey Tosher with 17” 3B FeatherStream

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