N. Salmon

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B

Cornish Crabber


“Hi Nick”

 “A couple of pics of the completed installation.”

 “Everything has fitted well and the blade modifications coupled with re profiling of the rudder leading edge have resulted in excellent clearance. It looks so good I almost (but not quite!) don’t want to get it all wet.”

 “I will come back with data once I have had the opportunity to complete some trials. Meantime thanks again for a superb job. It has been a delight doing business with you.”

Testimonial Update…….

“Trials carried out yesterday in Portsmouth harbour. Speeds given are averaged from runs with and against a flooding tide over the same course each time and are logged from GPS.”

 “Normal cruising setting is approx 2750 RPM around 5kts and this is ideal.”

 “Astern handling was vastly improved with previous heavy port hand prop-walk pretty well eliminated. She actually motored straight astern for the first time ever and would manoeuvre easily to port and Stbd  once under way at about 1kt.”

 “Instead of seeing where she wanted to go astern and pretending that’s what I intended – she now goes where I want!!! Result!!”

 “Stopping from full ahead was achieved in approx 4 boat lengths – again a vast improvement.”

 “Transition from ahead to astern was smooth and achieved easily allowing a short space between shifting to allow shaft rotation to stop.”

 “All in all performance under power is vastly improved. No noise or vibration and a joy to use.”

 “Sailing trials will follow in due course. Thank you for a superb product and unrivaled service.”

 Sailing update…….

 “Hi Nick”

 “Just a short update on the propeller performance now I’ve had a chance to get used to it and see how sailing performance is affected.”

 “I’m delighted with the results. Previously Bluebell would often stall I. Irons in a tack in lighter winds and above a F4 when at approx displacement speed the helm would be very heavy and would judder due to turbulence from the prop.”

 “Both of these issues have been dramatically improved. She is now quiet on the helm at speed and consequently feels far more responsive. “

 “Tacking is vastly improved as she carries way through the tack far better without the previous prop drag.

All in all a VERY worthwhile exercise fitting your prop- it has enhanced the boats performance in all areas!”

 “Thanks again for a super product!”

Cornish Crabber Yawl 16” 3B FeatherStream propeller

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