P. Davies

Flexofold 2B Sail drive


“I am pleased to pass on my experience since purchasing a two blade Flex-O-Fold propeller from Darglow Engineering.”

 “I can confirm that all the tests carried out on this propeller have been matched by my own experience. The performance both forward and astern is exceptional with no loss of power whatsoever. Going ahead at 2500 revs I can easily achieve 6.5 knots and can even achieve 7 knots at 3000 revs. The stopping power when going astern is also amazing given it is only a two blade prop.”

 “The propeller is fitted to my Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 379 and it allows me to achieve sailing speeds at least half a knot faster than the original three blade fixed propeller.”

Peter Davies – Jeanneau S.O 379 – 17” 2B Flex-O-Fold

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