Perfect Sailing Yacht Charters

FeatherStream B-Hub 4B

Hallberg Rassy

Kevin, of Perfect Sailing Yacht Charters in Turkey, told us about this when he visited our stand at the 2014 Southampton Boat Show. They had fitted an 18″ 4 blade FeatherStream to their Hallberg Rassy 38 last year. A local marina owner then asked him to help by towing a 20 meter x 3 meter concrete pontoon 5 miles from one marina to another!!! He was doubtful he could pull it but actually it was easy archiving a steady 5 knots at modest revs.

NB: We’re often asked at Darglow, why buy a 4-blade prop? Well it’s not to go faster, it’s to keep going well in rough weather when hull resistance goes up. Nothing like towing a 20 meter pontoon to add resistance. The 4 bladed prop coped with the added strain effortlessly!

Hallberg Rassy 38 – 18” 4B FeatherStream

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