R. Davis

FeatherStream A-Hub 3B


“Hi Nick – re my purchase of the Darglow propeller”

“I’ve waited a while to respond to your email as I wanted to give the prop a good work out on my Moody 29. I have to say that I’m absolutely delighted with how it performs compared with my old fixed 3 blade prop. Its transformed performance under both sail and engine. It’s obviously difficult to be precise about boat speed increase under sail as it’s never possible to replicate conditions. However I would estimate its given me at least 1 knot more in benign conditions , around F3, and a bit more when its blowing harder. On longer runs across the channel from Newhaven this increase will knock considerable time off the passage.” 

“Helming under sail, I have a transom hung rudder with a tiller, is a lot more comfortable too as the flow over the rudder is not churned up by the fixed blade, either when it was rotating of locked. This used to cause the tiller to vibrate and drive my helm (wife) mad. Maybe there’s a marketing line here about improving marital harmony!”

 Under engine it delivers impressive “grunt”. I’m achieving near maximum boat hull speed at not more than 75% – 80% max engine revs. It’ll be interesting to see what this delivers in terms of fuel economy over a season. Prop walk in reverse seems minimal, it used to be a problem getting off my pontoon but now I can go straight out. Stopping power is pretty impressive too. I’ve had to adjust to the tick over boat speed when close quarter manoeuvring as it’s faster with the new 16 x 12 versus the old fixed 15 x 13. It’s not really a problem, I just have to be aware to knock off the power sooner and use power in short bursts.”

 So overall I couldn’t be more pleased with both the propeller, your help and advice, and exemplary service. Not many times I’ve said that recently!

Moody 2916” 3B FeatherStream

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