R. Smith

FeatherStream B-Hub 3B


“All good news here!  New prop working a treat, meeting all expectations and more.”

 “Sea trial data is attached. Did two runs, one with wind and one against. We were in Portsmouth Harbour for testing under engine power, so nice and sheltered – wind was 11 knots true, sea state was smooth.”

Prop walk is about the same, perhaps slightly less, so we can still take advantage of the prop walk.”

“Going astern….. brilliant, reacts immediately! Such an improvement.”

 “Controlled stop…. Fantastic!”

2″Emergency stop…. Fantastic!”

“Forward propulsion…. Fantastic!”

“Feathering whilst sailing in Solent… perfect. So easy!

“At this stage though I can only feedback on performance whilst sailing with 22 knots apparent wind gusting to 28 knots apparent wind – fairly windy today. Solent sea state was slight, wind was with tide. So, we were more or less at our max hull speed for most of it. True test will come in lesser winds.”

 “The FeatherStream is an amazing piece of engineering, amazing indeed.”

 “Yep… very impressed, one very happy customer!”

Jeanneau 39DS – 19” 3B FeatherStream

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