S. Gell

FeatherStream B-Hub 3B


“After a busy few months, we finally have the engine in, propeller on, boat in the water and have just had a chance to use the boat for an extended period.” 

“We are thrilled with the change in performance. The engine has obviously been a great improvement, but the propeller is the business end and it certainly delivers.” 

“At 2000 RPM we sit at around 6 knots, unaffected by moderate headwinds. Top speed is yet to be checked, as we are still running the engine in, but there appears to be plenty still in the bank. Operation at all revs is also quieter, with less cavitation noise.”

 “Typically, we have had less chance to sail, but have certainly noticed the tendency for the boat to keep moving, rather than slowdown in between gusts. I can say that we sailed in a section we would usually motor, and I would guess almost a knot faster (close reaching in 6-8 knots true, at 5 knots).” 

“Installation was a lot of work, only because of the rudder aperture modification. With the rudder off, it was also a good chance to enlarge the rudder, and do some other repairs, so the job certainly spiralled, and I undertook it myself.”

 “However, now that is behind us, we can enjoy the benefits, and they are significant!!”

 “Many thanks for your patience with the process, and I think we have pitch and size at optimum – I certainly am pleased with the results.”

Arends 3317” 3 Blade FeatherStream

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