S. Petersen

FeatherStream A-Hub 4B


“Blixen’s engine (a Perkins 4-107) runs and cools well, but is from 1966 so I don’t like to go above 2600 revs, which was needed to do 6 knots with the original fixed 3-blade prop.”

“I therefore told Darglow that I wanted a prop that could push Blixen at considerably lower revs. The new feathering 4-blade 16” propeller does that very nicely. I can now march at 6.5 knots with just 2200 revs.”

Reversing is amazing now and I feel more confident in tight manoeuvring, also concerning forward motion because I have so must more thrust at low revs.”

Spencer 42 Yacht with 16” 4B FeatherStream

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