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Can I use antifoul on my FeatherStream propeller?

Yes you can use propeller specific antifoul on the FeatherStream.

We are often asked to advise on antifoul products, however we don’t recommend any particular product – mainly as there are so many, they often change and we get such mixed reports on them from our customers!

The propeller is manufactured from nickel aluminium bronze and stainless steel so we always suggest that advice is taken from the antifoul paint manufacturers as to the suitability of their particular product. We do not suggest applying any product that requires the propeller to be heated during the application process and application of hull antifouling to a propeller is also not suggested.

Do bear in mind that should the product ask you to heavily abrade/key the surface of the blades then you will damage the surface (lose the polished look) so we usually advise on running the first season without fouling and checking the propeller through the season to assess fouling.

This obviously depends on your waters but if there is a big fouling problem then do go ahead and use an antifoul product from the outset.

You can watch a video as part of our blog on servicing your FeatherStream propeller here.

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